Health Warrior

Health Warrior is committed to reversing our civilization’s health crisis by creating radically convenient, real food that fuels the energy and drive you need to reach your fullest potential.

The brand’s primary product, the Chia Bar, is the only bar with chia seeds as the #1 ingredient. Unlike many bars that have some form of sugar as the first ingredient, Health Warrior created a superfood super snack from a seed packed with omega-3s, protein, and fiber. Known until recently by most Americans for its role in ceramic novelties, chia was worshipped for centuries by the Aztecs for its strength-giving and satiating properties.

Oh, and they’re delicious.

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WealthForge Holdings, Inc is a financial technology startup tapping into the $1.3T private placement market with a suite of products and services that address significant back-end hurdles every online investment platform faces. By leveraging enterprise-grade technology, a registered broker-dealer and taking advantage of historic changes in security regulations, WealthForge in partnership with New Richmond Ventures and SenaHill is poised to scale its market leading position.

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n1 Health

In our failing American health care system, n1Health is an exciting bright spot. Richmond-based, n1Health has harnessed the momentum and business insight produced by the concierge medicine movement to create the fastest growing network of private physicians in the history of the industry. The appeal of n1Health has been fueled by two unique distinctions:

(1) A novel and highly advantageous business model for physicians;

(2) A fundamental commitment to enabling talented doctors to abandon our failed model of reacting to and suppressing symptoms in order to restore and protect health by addressing the root causes of disease.

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MAXX Potential

Headquartered in the historic Manchester District in Richmond, MAXX Potential specializes in development and support packages for startups, small businesses, and nonprofits. They are committed to taking their companies to the next level with affordable technology services.

MAXX Potential rethinks the way to deliver technology services. They have crafted a unique apprenticeship program which provides coaching and resources to select candidates who have a passion for a career in technology. Their apprentices get on-the-job training in technical areas where there is an unmet demand, building a culture of creative technologists right here in Richmond.

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MedCPU’s transformation healthcare decision support technology uniquely provides the most complete and accurate clinical picture about a patient to deliver reliable and effective care advice to clinicians at the point-of-care.

MedCPU understands the challenges of today’s healthcare environment to improve the quality of patient care while facing increasing economic and regulatory pressures. Advanced information technology is required to solve these challenges, yet critical clinical data is difficult to collect and use in a meaningful way because much of the patient data is documented in free-text or narrative form. MedCPU uniquely provides the solutions needed to capture comprehensive and accurate data to drive better patient care.

The MedCPU Adviser is a clinical care advice platform that uniquely reads, extracts, and analyzes all clinical data in real time, including clinicians’ free-text notes, dictations and structured fields entered into virtually any Electronic Medical Record system. The MedCPU Advisor provides clinicians with high precision, real-time prompts when they deviate from expected care and regulatory mandates, improving patient care and compliance.

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Independent brands and retailers sell the most inspired, authentic, well-made products in the world. And they aren’t just stuck on a local street corner anymore; they are online and available to the world. But not enough shoppers know it. While these brands don’t have the resources to compete with mass-market retailers through typical marketing strategies, they can build more meaningful relationships with fans and customers. At Lumiary, we believe that competitive advantage, those more personal brand connections, when united with technology, shared knowledge, and collaboration, can tip the scales back in favor of independent retail.

Lumiary is a marketing and seller community platform for independent brands growing online. We act as a home base connecting a brand’s social networks, store, website, and campaigns. Our marketing and analytics tools identify what’s working, what’s not and recommend actions to take. Our community tools activate product and promotional collaboration between brands.  The founders of Lumiary come from, Discovery Communications, and Reconstrukt.

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PlanG is the intersection of brand loyalty and philanthropy. Through tailored and easy to execute programs, the company helps businesses build meaningful relationships with consumers by incentivizing them with dollars to give to the charities of their choice. For consumers, PlanG connects to more than 1M nonprofits in the US and provides a suite of giving tools – from online donations to fundraising to tax reporting.  With more than 50 years of combined experience in customer engagement and philanthropy on its management team, PlanG has created an easy way to combine loyalty marketing with philanthropy to drive business results.

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Plugless Power

Evatran is the premier provider of high-power wireless charging technology. The Company’s strategic entry point is its PLUGLESS charging system for electric vehicles including the Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt which currently require users to physically plug-in their vehicles to recharge. With future applications including electric boats, large medical devices, and military products, the Company is poised to take the first mover position in the high power wireless charging space. After over two years and 16,000 hours of trials with high-profile commercial partners like Google, Duke Energy, and Hertz, the Company achieved the first international safety certification for a wireless EV charging system in March 2014 and became the first Company in the world to ship wireless EV charging systems to individual EV drivers that same month. Evatran also has projects in house from a number of international automotive manufacturers and a $4M grant from the Department of Energy. Founded by Tom Hough, a successful Virginia entrepreneur, the Company’s day-to-day operations are now managed by his daughter, Rebecca Hough, and a team of future-thinking individuals with backgrounds in the automotive, product development, electronics, and embedded controls spaces.

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Knots Creek

Knotts Creek is developing solutions to industrial waste problems by applying its proprietary electrochemical platform in a sustainable, economical and elegant manner.  Knotts Creek aims to offer industry a better way forward.  Through the contributions of its scientific and business leaders, the company plans to challenge the status quo and improve the world.


Hourwise believes that America is built on the backs of small businesses, and many of those are contractors that literally build America.  These painters, plumbers, electricians, and carpenters work hard to keep their dreams alive and provide a high level of service to their clients, but it is difficult to maintain the mobile office while focusing on their trade.  We offer these men and women an opportunity to unload many of the stresses and struggles of running a business by offering human resources, technology, and processes to help them stay organized.  Through our unique outsourced office model, we inject value from day one by writing professional quotes and invoices, managing their sales pipeline, and creating reports that facilitate important business decisions.  The best part is that we are able to aggregate client data in various forms (i.e. phone, text, email, etc.), which allows us to work seamlessly with their current operations. From inbound lead to final payment, we save contractors countless hours so they can focus on the growth and success of their business.

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